GUNDAM 0079Edit

Zaku II High Mobility Type + Black Tri Star (Gaia, Ortega, Mash) - Zaku II High Mobility Black Tri Star Custom
Dopp + Garma Zabi - Garma's Personal Dopp
Zaku II + Leader position - Zaku II Commander Type
Gelgoog + Leader position - Gelgoog Commander Type
Zaku II + Char/Quattro/Char(CCA) - Zaku II Char Custom
Z'Gok + Char/Quattro/Char(CCA)- Z'Gok Char Custom
Gelgoog + Char/Quattro/Char(CCA)- Gelgoog Char Custom
Rick Dom + Char/Quattro/Char(CCA)- Rick Dom Char Custom

08th MS TeamEdit


MS IGLOO / 0080 / 0083Edit

Zudah + Leader position - Zudah Commander Type
Gelgoog + Kuspen - Gelgoog Kuspen Custom
Zaku II FZ + Leader position - Commander Zaku II FZ
Gelgoog Marine + Cima Garahau - Cima Gelgoog
Gelgoog + Anavel Gato - Gato Gelgoog

Advance of ZetaEdit


Zeta GundamEdit

Haman + Gaza-C - Haman's Gaza-C

Gundam SentinelEdit

Amuro + Zeta Plus - Amuro's Zeta Plus

ZZ GundamEdit

Yazan + Geze - Yazan Custom Geze

Chars Counter AttackEdit

Geara Doga + Leader position - Commander Geara Doga
Geara Doga + Rezun Schnyder - Rezun Geara Doga


ReZEL + Leader position - ReZEL Commander Type
Geara Zulu + AI Grunt Pilot - Geara Zulu Elite Guard Type (Only available to the CPU, can be seen at a Generation Break)
Geara Zulu + Angelo Sauper - Geara Zulu Angelo Sauper Custom

Gundam Hathaway's FlashEdit


Gundam F90Edit

RF Zaku + Leader position -> Commander RF Zaku
RF Gelgoog + Leader position -> Commander RF Gelgoog

Silhouette Formula 91Edit


Gundam F91Edit

Zabine + Den'an Zon - Black Vanguard Den'an Zon
Zabine + Den'an Gei - Black Vanguard Den'an Gei
Zabine + Ebirhu-S - Black Vanguard Ebirhu-S
Zabine + Berga Giros - Zabine's Berga Giros


Harrison + Gundam F91 - Harrison F91
Batara + Barnes(bearded Death Gales guy) = Barnes Custom Batara

Crossbone Skull HeartEdit


Crossbone Steel SevenEdit

Vigna Ghina II + Giri(Blonde Death Gales guy) - Giri's Custom Vigna Ghina II

Victory GundamEdit

Marbette + Zoloat - Marbette Zoloat
Chronicle + Zolo - Chronicle Zolo
Lupe Cineau + Dodgore - Lupe Dodgore

G GundamEdit


Gundam WingEdit

Mobile Doll (W.F.) + Taurus(OZ) = Taurus (White Fang colors)
Noin + Taurus(OZ) = Noin's Taurus
Noin + Aries = Noin's Aries

Endless WaltzEdit


Gundam XEdit

Daughtress/D. Command/D. Weapon + Alternative Soldier = Alternative Daughtresses (unobtainable)
Daughtress + Leader Unit = Daughtress Command
Crouda + Lancerow = Crouda Lancerow Custom

Turn AEdit


Gundam SeedEdit

Rau + DINN - Rau's DINN
Rau + GUAIZ - Rau's GUAIZ

Gundam Seed AstrayEdit


Gundam Seed X AstrayEdit


Gundam Seed DestinyEdit

ZAKU Warrior + Athrun Zala - Athrun's Blaze ZAKU Warrior
ZAKU Warrior + Lunamaria Hawke - Luna's Gunner ZAKU Warrior
ZAKU Phantom + Rey Za Burrel - Rey's Blaze ZAKU Phantom
ZAKU Phantom + Yzak Joule - Yzak's Slash ZAKU Phantom
ZAKU Phantom + Dearka Elsman - Dearka's Blaze ZAKU Phantom
ZAKU Warrior + Meer Campbell - ZAKU Warrior (Live Concert Ver.)
GOUF Ignited + Heine Westenfluss - Heine's GOUF Ignited (Non-playable)
GOUF Ignited + Yzak Joule - Yzak GOUF Ignited
Gaia Gundam + Andy Waltfeld - Andy's Gaia Gundam
Windam + Mu La Flaga/Neo Roanoke - Neo's Windam
Murasame + Andrew Waltfelt - Andy's Murasame

Gundam Seed StargazerEdit


Gundam 00Edit

Overflag + Graham Aker - Overflag Graham Aker Custom
AEU Enact + Leader position - Commander AEU Enact
AEU Enact + Ali Al Sarches - Ali's Enact
any Tieren + Leader position - Commander Tieren

Gundam 00 Second SeasonEdit

GN-XIII + Sergei - Sergei's GN-XIII

SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle WarriorsEdit

Gundam + Liu Bei (white one) - Liu Bei Gundam
GP-03 + Sun Quan (blue one) - Sun Quan Gundam
Gundam DX + Cao Cao (red one) - Cao Cao Gundam
Tallgeese + Lu Bu - Lu Bu Tallgeese


BD-02 + Nimbus - Blue Destiny Unit 2 (Nimbus)
Act Zaku + Mallette Sanguine (White haired Zeon guy) - Mallete's Custom Act Zaku


Zaku II High Mobility Type + Leader Position - Zaku II High Mobility Commander Type
Zaku II + Garma Zabi - Zaku II Garma Zabi Custom
Zaku II High Mobility Type + Shin Matsunaga - Zaku II High Mobility Type Shin Matsunaga Custom
Zaku II High Mobility Type + Johnny Ridden - Zaku II High Mobility Type Johnny Ridden Custom
Gelgoog + Johnny Ridden - Gelgoog High Mobility Type Johnny Ridden Custom

Units that do not appear in MissionsEdit

The following Units do not appear in Missions and you will have to buy the Pilots for them or put specific Units in the Leader position. (Sorted by Series order)
Garma's Dopp
Char's Z'Gok
Char's Rick Dom
Haman's Gaza-C
Commander RF Gelgoog
Barnes' Batara
Giri's Vigna Ghina II
Chronicle's Zolo
Noin's Aries
Commander Daughtress
Lancerow's Crouda
Yzak's GOUF
Andy's Gaia Gundam
Andy's Murasame
Commander AEU Enact
Commander Tieren High Mobility B-Type
Sergei's GN-XIII
Liu Bei Gundam
Sun Quan Gundam
Cao Cao Gundam
Blue Destiny Unit 2 (Nimbus)
Garma's Zaku II
Shin Matsunaga's Zaku II High Mobility Type
Johnny Ridden's Zaku II High Mobility Type

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